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Perry Funding Truck Program TF

For Established Trucking Businesses Which Cannot Obtain Bank Funding or Other Traditional Methods of Funding

A Lease With 10% Purchase Option

This is a C- credit program for established businesses with annual revenue of at least $350,000. Cash out of pocket will be a minimum of 10-15% of the equipment price. Sometimes we will request other free and clear trucks or equipment to be pledged as additional collateral in order to approve your deal.

Please Read the Guidelines Below

General Guidelines:
  • 1. Trucks and trailers of all types.

  • 2. Maximum funding amount is $200,000. As a minimum, we will consider $20,000.

  • 3. Cash normally required out of pocket prior to funding will be: a 10%-15% security deposit, a processing fee of $295, and a doc prep fee of $450. There may be a site inspection fee of $200 if buying from private seller or if using additional collateral to secure the deal. At the end of the lease, you can use the security deposit as your 10% purchase option buy-out.

  • 4. We can fund multiple trucks or pieces of equipment in one transaction in this program.

  • 5. 12-48 months financing for $100,000+ or 12-36 months financing for less than $100,000.

  • 6. This is a lease with a 10% purchase option at end of term.

  • 7. We DO NOT consider credit scores.

  • 8. Used Trucks and Equipment OK – No age restrictions.

  • 9. Past Bankruptcies OK –Tax Liens OK – 3rd Party/ Private Party Sales.

  • 10. You will have a phone interview with a credit officer and will have the chance to explain your Unique Strengths to explain why we should approve your application.

  • 11. We look at the big picture and find creative ways to approve your application. Applications are approved based on common sense and the customer’s ability to pay.

  • 12. This is not an App Only program. We require personal financial statements, last year’s personal and business tax returns and interim statements including balance sheet and income statement. Expect average time to approval and funding to be 7-10 days.

  • 13. We love funding trucks and equipment in the oil slick states and natural gas areas.

  • 14. What We Really Like To Approve: A company with $1 Million + Revenue for Essential Equipment such as Construction, Medical, Manufacturing, Trucks and Trailers, 2nd and 3rd Location Restaurants, Health Clubs, Franchises.

  • 15. What We Could Be Possibly Talked Into: A company with $350K+ Revenue for Long Haul/Over the Road Trucking, Single Location Restaurants, Health Clubs, Retail, Sale-Leasebacks, Logging, Salons.

  • 16. Don’t Even Think About: One Man Shops with No Employees.

  • 17. Yes, We Can Often Make Your Dreams Come True and Help You Expand Your Business. Check It Out with One of Our Funding Agents. Give Us a Call to Discuss Your Situation.

  • 18.
    Have more questions? Give us a call now! 301-791-0707

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