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Perry Funding Truck Program MT

App Only Startups OK Most Credit Problems OK

Everyone Needs a 2nd or 3rd Chance

This program is for customers with credit problems who cannot get financing through a bank or through ordinary lending sources. It requires at least 25% down payment or trade-in. We offer Pre-Approvals in 2 hours or less and provide a very fast turnaround for funding rate.

Most past credit problems are accepted including low or no FICO score, slow pay, no pay, collections, judgments, tax liens up to 10K, previous bankruptcy and foreclosure. Homeownership NOT required. OK for Experienced or Startup. Foreclosures and mortgage modifications must be completed and bankruptcy must be discharged.

Please Read the Guidelines Below

General Guidelines:
  • 1. Semi-trucks-Sleeper and Day Cab:

    • A) 2008 and newer with <700K miles. >650K miles requires warranty.

  • 2. Box trucks: 2008 and newer with <200K miles.

  • 3. Customer can live in any state except Wisconsin, California, Hawaii or Alaska.

  • 4. EFA (Equipment Finance Agreement) if individual. Residual Lease if corporation, partnership or LLC or if individual resides in Texas, New York, or certain other states etc. Residual is built in to your payments.

  • 5. At least 25% down payment, trade-in, or additional collateral on all deals. Never less.

  • 6. If a customer does not have enough cash for a 25% down payment, we will consider using other free and clear collateral in lieu of cash such as later model heavy trucks, trailers, construction equipment or agricultural equipment.

  • 7. In addition to your down payment or trade, your cash out of pocket will include the following: $295 Processing Fee, $100 Title Fee if your dealer does not handle the titling of the truck, any sales tax or DMV fees you may be subject to that is not included in the total invoice out the door price of your truck. There are never any unexpected fee surprises with that high quality and reliable lender known as Perry Funding.

  • 8. We will work with low FICO score, no FICO score, previous BK, previous foreclosure, judgments, tax liens, collections, foreclosures, slow credit, etc. and nearly any poor credit except previous vehicle repos or charge-offs.

  • 9. We will not work with anyone who has any past due child support, unpaid child support, or child support arrears.

  • 10. No previous vehicle repossessions or charge-offs are permitted in this program. View our Truck and Equipment Program DF if you have a previous repossession or vehicle charge-off. They are okay in that program.

  • 11. Terms are from 12 to 48 months, depending on the truck, the price and the customer.

  • 12. GPS installed in all trucks. We provide GPS-dealer installs. We reimburse $100 for installation.

  • 13. Pre-Approvals in 2 hours. Final Approvals take 6 to 8 hours, on average, and never take longer than 24 hours. Funding can occur very quickly, usually within 3 to 4 days after approval, if customer and dealer move quickly.

  • 14. If the dealer cannot do titling of the truck, we will refer you to a third-party titling agency to do the titling. You will pay the titling agency a $100 service fee as mentioned above.

  • 15. Rates and Factors This is a high risk EFA and lease financing for high risk customers. Monthly payments are higher than a bank or traditional funding source. Please be sure the payment fits your budget and allows you to make the profit you want. If so, you are good to go. If not, you need to re-assess your situation and look at another alternative.

  • 16. The maximum funded amount in this program after down payment or trade is $42,000.

  • 17. Have more questions? Give us a call now! 301-791-0707 x209 or fill out the application on our website and fax it or email it to us with your last three bank statements, all pages, all banks where you have an account.

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