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Perry Funding Truck Program DF

App Only- For Poor Credit and Start-Up Customers-Owner Operator Semi-Trucks, Dump Trucks or Trucks of Any Type for Any Business Purpose

Our Slam Dunk Program Just Be Alive Have a Beating Pulse You Are OK

This is a program for higher risk owner operators with credit problems who cannot get financing through a bank or ordinary lending sources. It requires a 50% down payment, or acceptable collateral in lieu of a down payment. Trade-ins are OK.

We offer Pre-Approvals in 2 hours or less, Final Approvals in 3-4 hours and a very fast turnaround for funding rate.

No warranty or GPS is required. No CDL is required under certain circumstances.

Most credit problems are accepted, including low or no FICO score, collections, judgments, previous bankruptcy and foreclosure as well as previous vehicle repossessions and charge-offs. Homeownership is not required.

Please Read the Guidelines Below

General Guidelines:
  • 1. Trucks of all types, trailers, construction equipment, machine tools, and agricultural equipment of all types.

  • 2. Semi-trucks can generally be up to 10 years old. Dump trucks, vocational trucks and specialty trucks can usually be older.

  • 3. Financed amounts range from $10,000 to $400,000. No mileage limits on any truck.

  • 4. 50% cash down payment.  In order to reduce or eliminate the cash down payment, we can use titles to other collateral that you own free and clear based on auction values.

  • 5. In addition to your down payment, your cash out of pocket will be: Doc Prep Fee or $295 and Processing Fee of $250. If this is private seller rather than a dealer, or if there is additional collateral being pledged, you will pay a site inspection fee of $200. If pledging additional collateral instead of cash down payment, you will be required to pay payment #1 up front. If you are subject to sales tax in your state or other DMV fees, you may need to pay those out of pocket. In some cases, we can structure the transaction so that you pay the sales tax monthly over the term of the financing rather than up front. There are never any unexpected fees with Perry Funding LLC.

  • 6. No CDL required on semi-truck purchase if you have corporation or LLC with MC/DOT number registered.

  • 7. Private Party Sales are OK.

  • 8. We will work with low FICO score, no FICO score, slow pay, no pay, previous BK, previous foreclosure, previous vehicle repossessions and charge-offs, judgments, tax liens, collections, foreclosures, slow credit, etc.

  • 9. We will not work with anyone who has any past due child support, child support arrears or unpaid child support.

  • 10. Terms range from 30 to 60 months depending on the age of the truck or equipment.

  • 11. Significant early payoff discounts are offered to customers who make a series of payments on time.

  • 12. Pre-Approvals within 2 hours and final approvals within 3-4 hours, on average, and never taking longer than 24 hours.

  • 13. If using trucks or equipment as additional collateral, please note that we only use the auction value determined by our credit department, and we cannot use any collateral that has less than a $10,000 auction value per piece.

  • 14. Funding can occur very quickly, usually within 2-3 days after approval if the customer and dealer provide the needed paperwork in a motivated fashion.

  • 15. Rates and Factors This is higher risk financing for higher risk customers. Monthly payments are higher than a bank or traditional funding source. Be sure that the payment will fit your budget. If so, you are good to go. If not, you need to reassess your situation. We want to see you make a lot of money with this truck or equipment.

  • 16. Have more questions? Give us a call now! 301-791-0707

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