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Perry Funding Truck Program BR

Funding for Established Trucking Businesses With Poor Credit

  • This program is for customers with credit problems who cannot get financing through a bank or through ordinary lending sources. It requires at least 10% of equipment cost as security deposit plus a processing fee of $595 and doc prep fee of $295.

  • Acceptable past credit problems included: personal bankruptcy, tax liens, judgments, slow pay, low CBR.

General Guidelines

  • 1. No upfront monthly payments – buyer chooses payment withdrawal date:  1st, 10th, 15th or 25th of the month.

  • 2. End of term – customer can choose to continue leasing month to month, can walk away from the lease (security deposit will be refunded minus repair costs), or take ownership at end of term by applying security deposit.

  • 3. Maximum financing amount = $200,000 || Minimum financing amount = $20,000

  • 4. Lease terms ranging from 12-48 months. Customer can own at end of term.

  • 5. Only for established companies with 12+ months (we prefer 3+ years) in business with W-2 employees.

  • 6. Revenue per bank statements of at least $500,000 per year.

  • 7. With this program our investor is looking to build long term relationships with our customers.  As additional financing is requested, they will step down the interest rate to help them work towards a better credit program (as long as the account is in good standing).

  • 8. Most any type of new or used trucks and trailers.

  • 9. For C and D credit customers who show good cash flow and potential for profitability.

  • 10. We fund new and used titled vehicles, with all title-work handled by the dealer or a 3rd party title service.

  • 11. Private party transactions are OKAY.

  • 12. ACH payments required.

  • 13. Items needed for Approval: Application, copy of driver’s license all owners, three months bank statements, interim balance sheet & income statement, last year corporate and personal tax returns, last quarter form 941, vendor invoice and specs, and personal financial statement required.

  • 14.
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