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Perry Funding Truck Program BO

App Only - No Financials Required
Established Customer and Startups Okay

Requires an Excellent & Deep Credit History

This program is for experienced and start-up customers who have excellent credit as well as a deep and solid credit history. In most cases, no down payment is required.

We offer Pre-Approvals in 2 hours +/- and provide very fast turnaround times for funding.

Program BO requires homeownership, or a 5+ year renting history at the same address. It requires a Transunion credit score of 680+ for experienced customers who have been in business for 3+ years, and 700+ credit score for start-up customers. Start-up customers must have had CDL for 5 years.

Please Read Additional Guidelines Below.

General Guidelines:
  • 1. Trucks of all types, including semi-trucks, dump trucks and work trucks, as well as trailers and construction and agricultural equipment of all types.

  • 2. Terms range from 24 to 48 months for used, to 60 months for new.

  • 3. Most trucks can be up to 10 years old. Trailers and other equipment can be a little older.

  • 4. Private party sales are OK.

  • 5. Maximum Loan Amounts:

    • App Only Start-Ups = $55,000

    • App Only Experienced (in business 3+ years) = $68,000.

    • With full financials, we will fund up to $125,000 for experienced business owners with 3+ years in business and up to $240,000 for multiple trucks for small fleet owners.

  • 6. Normally, cash out of pocket will be:

    • Processing Fee = $295

    • Titling Fee = $180

    • Number of Advanced Payments = 2

    • Sometimes a customer can avoid advance payments by offering additional acceptable collateral. If you are subject to sales tax or other DMV fees in your state, you may need to pay these out of pocket unless they are included on the purchase invoice and are included in the approved funding amount.

  • 7. Pre-Approvals will be issued in 2 hours or less, and Final Approvals in 24 hours or less.

  • 8. Funding can occur quickly, taking 3-5 days, on average, after approval.

  • 9. Have more questions? Give us a call now! 301-791-0707

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