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Our Customers Tell Our Story

Our solid commitment to service is evident in everything we do. See what our clients have to say!

"As a used truck salesman, I have learned that the biggest obstacle to sales is bad credit or a lack of any credit at all. A good product will sell but if you can only sell to cash customers or A credit customers then a lot of good people are going to be left behind. I am fortunate to work in the same city as Perry Funding. Not only do they have the solutions to some challenging situations but they make the process smooth and pleasant. A customer that is happy with the way his financing is handled is a happier customer in general. Jay and Colleen treat everyone with respect and take as much of the paperwork burden off of the dealer and customer as is possible. I couldn’t be happier with the results since we have started working together. Perry Funding is the only finance company that I recommend because they have great programs for everyone whether their credit is perfect or less than perfect."

Randy Monro, Sales Manager – Bowman Truck Sales, Hagerstown, MD

“I have been a company driver for 13 years. I have always wanted to buy my own truck to start making some serious money, but my credit was horrible from a divorce. In early 2012, I found the website for Perry Funding which offered financing to both excellent credit and poor credit. I found a truck and talked to Jay on a Wednesday. He encouraged me and had me approved by Thursday night, and we finished up the paperwork and I picked up my truck the following Tuesday. I never dreamed it could happen that fast. I have given Jay’s phone number to 7 or 8 friends in the past few months. I am now making the kind of money I always wanted to make. I would recommend Perry Funding to anyone.”

Charlie Grimm – Berryville, VA

“As a truck salesman for the past nine years, my biggest problem is always getting startup drivers or drivers with bad credit approved. Many of the lenders I talk to make big promises, but don’t deliver or take forever to tell my customer yes or no. I was referred to Perry Funding by another dealer who swore by them. My customer had just been discharged from bankruptcy two months earlier. He had been turned down by the three lenders I have worked with over the past four years. I contacted Perry Funding and worked with Colleen. She was incredibly responsive, was available by phone each time I called, and made my customer and me feel like we were the most important people she had ever met. She also seemed to know more about tractor trucks than I did. She got my customer approved in six hours, and funded in three days after approval. I now send all of my customers to Perry Funding, both bad credit and good. They also have a very competitive program for customers with good credit. I love Perry Funding.”

Mark Carson – Wilkins Used Truck Center

“Although I was a startup owner operator, my credit is excellent. I found a 2008 Kenworth 387 a few months ago that I fell in love with. The truck dealer had me fill out a credit application and sent it to one of the big, national well-known truck lenders. After two days, someone from the big-time lender contacted me. She requested paperwork from me, and acted like she was doing me a favor to even talk to me. I sent the paperwork. Two days later, a different woman called me and asked for more paperwork. She made the first woman seem like an angel. This woman was almost nasty. She acted like she was too busy to even talk to me. She acted like it was an effort to even call me. I began to worry that my truck would be sold to someone else while this lender messed around. I talked to a couple of other drivers I know. One of them suggested that I call Jay McDowell at Perry Funding. I called Jay. He was cool and relaxing to talk to. He had me send him an application, copy of my CDL, the invoice and the spec sheet, and he had me approved within 4 hours. My monthly payment was a bit higher than the big time lender, but it was well worth it for the service I got from Perry Funding. I refer my friends to Jay at Perry Funding."

Smokin’ Joe Martin – Atlanta, GA

“My husband operates a construction company in New Mexico. After a number of difficult years, he recently got a great contract to put in several thousand fence posts, with the option for three more contracts of similar size if they liked his work. He had to rent a track Bobcat with an auger attachment in order to get started. The rental company was charging us $2850 per month for the Bobcat and auger. It was taking a big bite out of our bottom line. We needed to buy our own equipment, but we had no down payment, and our credit was not the greatest. We found Perry Funding on the Internet. We located the exact Bobcat we needed at a local equipment dealer. We worked with Gail. She sent us a one page application. We returned it to her with an invoice. By noon the next day, she sent us an approval for a 48 month lease with a 10% FMV buyout at end of term. Two days later, we signed the financing docs and she wired the funds to our dealer. The payment was $775 per month. We are saving over $2000 per month, and will own it down the road apiece. Finding Perry Funding and Gail was a lucky break for us. As we grow, that is one phone number I will not misplace."

Liz Reacher – Santa Fe, NM

"After 26 years in the commercial construction business with over 40 employees, we still encounter times when we need capital quickly due to the ups and downs of this industry. There are times when we are owed significant money by our customers who take 60, 90 or 120 days to pay. In early 2012, we found ourselves in a rather tight situation with two major contracts pending and in need of a capital injection. Perry Funding was there for us and responded like the troopers that they are. Within a matter of three days they had reviewed our application and asset list, arranged an approval for us, and prepared the financing documents. To save 24 hours, Jay flew from Maryland to Memphis, got the appropriate signatures and notary, and waited in our office with us until the $375,000 in wired funds had hit our bank. He then visited Sun Studios, bought us dinner down on Beale Street, told us a few stories, and boarded a plane back to Maryland. If that isn’t service, I don’t know what is!"

Johnny Bill Campbell, President/Owner – Memphis, TN