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Sale-Leaseback Loans

Do you need cash for your business IN A HURRY?

Do you own trucks, trailers, construction/ heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, or machine tools free and clear?

We can lend on those items with as little as 3-5 days to funding.

Sale-leaseback transactions allow businesses to raise capital while keeping the use of all their assets. This is done by selling an asset that is owned free and clear to the lender and then leasing it back. At the end of the contract, ownership of the asset is transferred back to the Lessee. A sale-leaseback transaction can present a business with a considerable source of working capital that can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Many companies can benefit from sale-leaseback agreements. If your business does not qualify for traditional bank financing sale-leasebacks can be utilized as a capital source for a wide variety of business needs and purposes.

Perry Funding Offers Sale-Leasebacks to:

  • A Customers with good credit - this is a customer who has been in business for three or more years and has a TU credit score of 680 or higher. This is a very attractive program for those who qualify.

  • C-D Customers with ugly credit - we will accept low or no credit score, judgments, previous bankruptcy or foreclosure, tax liens, collections, slow pay and no pay. We will not accept anyone with past due or arrears in child support or who is in the middle of a mortgage foreclosure or modification, or who is still involved in a non-discharged bankruptcy. Other than that, we will approve nearly anyone with sufficient trucks or equipment. The funds can be used to pay taxes or payroll, expand a business, engage in advertising, or any other purpose.

We accept trucks, trailers, construction and heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, and machine tools in doing a sale-leaseback.

We use the auction or wholesale value to determine how much we will advance.

We offer a written Pre-Approval in 2 hours or less, and Final Approval in 3-4 hours and funding in an average of 3-4 days. This is a very fast process.

Have more questions? Give us a call now! 301-791-0707

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