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Perry Funding Equipment Funding Program A

App Only and Full Financial

Requires Excellent Credit and Cash Flow

Investment Grade Companies

This program is for well-established businesses which have excellent financials and cash flow, 5 or more years in business and a Paydex, per their D&B Report, of 65 or higher. This program is also for municipalities and school districts. This program offers extremely competitive rates and terms. We are very proud of the terms we can offer with this program.

We provide a Financing Proposal in 24-72 hours and provide very fast turnaround times for funding.

Please Read the Guidelines Below

General Guidelines:
  • 1. Equipment of all types with the exception of rolling stock, vending equipment, copy machines, restaurant. Review “Types of Equipment” from the dropdown on our website under “Equipment Financing” from our website home page to see the types of equipment we will fund.

  • 2. Applicant can be in any business other than: the mortgage industry, restaurant industry, health and fitness industry, ATM industry, adult entertainment industry, garment manufacturing industry, drinking and gambling industry, medical spa industry, or owner operators or other transportation-based businesses.

  • 3. Franchises: We offer Franchise Financing Including: New Stores and Acquisitions of Existing Stores, Remodeling and Relocations, Equipment and Technology Financing, and Refinance of Existing Debt and Working Capital.

  • 4. Terms range from 24 to 60 months for used, to 72 months for new.

  • 5. No Down Payment Required.Your normal cash out of pocket is a processing or doc prep fee and either one or two advance payments on the contract.

  • 6. We offer an EFA, tax lease, true lease, and finance lease. We offer buyouts of $1.00, 10%, 20%, FMC, TRAC lease, etc.

  • 7. Vendor must be well established. No private party sales.

  • 8. We offer APP ONLY DOCUMENTATION up to $150,000 (subject to change).

  • 9. We offer FULL FINANCIAL DOCUMENTATION up to $2,000,000 (subject to change).

  • 10. If you provide a full financial package to us in the beginning, we can assess your situation much more quickly, and be in a position to accommodate your funding needs more quickly.

  • 11.
    We can have a Funding Proposal in your hands within 24 hours after receiving required documentation on an App Only, and within 24-72 hours after receiving required documentation on a FULL FINANCIAL package.

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