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Accounts Receivable Financing/Factoring

Does Your Business Need Cash?
Do You Have Accounts Receivable?
Do You Have to Wait 30-45-60 Days to Be Paid?

If you answered “yes,” we can help!


Simple, Secure, Fast & Reliable
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Get Funding Through Business Factoring:

Our proven, professional funding service offers you great flexibility and has few restrictions. As your business grows, your funding is able to increase according to your cash flow needs. When you use our professional factoring services, you are not incurring debt; you are simply releasing your own assets to be put back in your own business, just as if your clients were paying COD. Since you are not borrowing money, there are no repayments.

Working Capital for Small Business:

The importance of having sufficient levels of working capital for any business cannot be overstated. Working capital is often the difference between economic life and death for a business. The ability to use accounts receivables as collateral for a working capital loan or funding for a small business is an often overlooked way to ensure that a small business never gets into a cash crunch situation.

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